Sneaker Scene Wiki

Here are some terms that you as a sneaker enthusiast are sure to be familiar with:

  1. Upper: The upper of the shoe, which can be made of different materials such as leather, mesh or synthetic material.

  2. Outsole: The sole of the shoe that provides support and traction. It can be made of rubber or other materials.

  3. Midsole: The midsole that lies between the outsole and the upper and provides cushioning and comfort.

  4. Insole: The insole that lies inside the shoe and can provide additional cushioning or support.

  5. Toebox: The front part of the shoe where the toes are located. It can be shaped differently depending on the model and design.

  6. Heel Counter: The heel area of ​​the shoe that provides stability and support.

  7. Collar: The padded area around the ankle that provides comfort and support.

  8. Lacing System: The shoe's lacing system that regulates fit and support.

  9. Colorway: The color combination of the shoe, which can vary depending on the model and edition.

  10. Retro: A shoe reminiscent of a bygone era due to its design or history, often sold as a reissue of an earlier model.

  11. Collaboration: A collaboration between a sneaker brand and an artist, designer or other brand to create a specific sneaker model.

  12. Limited Edition: A special edition of a shoe that is produced in limited numbers and often sells out quickly.

  13. OG: Original Gangsters. An OG sneaker refers to the original model that was first launched.

  14. Deadstock: A new and unworn pair of sneakers that are no longer commercially available and are often sought after by collectors.

  15. Sneakerhead: Someone who has a passion for sneakers and is often referred to as a collector or enthusiast.

  16. Release: The start of sales of a new sneaker model.

  17. Hype: The hype surrounding a particular sneaker can result in it selling out quickly or fetching high prices on the resale market.

  18. Retrofuturism: A design style that combines elements from the past with futuristic details. This style is often found in sneaker designs.

  19. Sneaker Cleaner: A special cleaning solution or brush used to clean and condition sneakers.

  20. Sneaker customizing: The customization of a shoe using creative design elements such as colors, patterns or personalized details.

  21. Sole Swapping: Changing the sole of a shoe to personalize or improve it.

  22. High Top: A high-top shoe that hugs the ankle for added stability and support.

  23. Low Top: A low-top shoe that is often lighter and more comfortable to wear.

  24. Mid Top: A shoe with a mid-cut upper that falls between the high top and low top.

  25. Mesh: A breathable material often used in sneaker uppers.

  26. Suede: A soft leather often used for sneaker uppers.

  27. Nubuck: A soft leather that looks similar to suede and is often used for sneaker uppers.

  28. Patent Leather: A shiny leather often used for sneaker uppers to create a statement look.

  29. Reflective: A material that reflects light and is often used for details or accents on sneakers.

  30. Cushioning: A technology used in a shoe's midsole to provide cushioning and comfort.

I hope these additions will help you deepen your sneaker knowledge and better prepare you for your next sneaker hunt. If you have any further questions or need assistance, I'm happy to help.